Natalia Oakes:
Attorney, Teacher, Leader.

Natalia is prepared to hit the ground running as judge in 313th Juvenile Court. She has practiced for 18 years in Juvenile Court handling juvenile delinquency cases and cases for abused and neglected children. She knows the programs, personnel, and wants to continue to introduce beneficial ideas to the Juvenile Courts.

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October 22, 2018Houston Chronicle

Houston Chronicle: Natalia Oakes for 313th Juvenile District Court

‘Natalia Oakes earns our endorsement in this race for her compassionate approach to juvenile justice. Not only does the former teacher exhibit the calm, even-keeled demeanor needed to set the right tone in a juvenile court, Oakes is also committed to using the power of the bench to improve the odds of rehabilitation for youth offenders.’

August 13, 2018

Oakes Garners New Endorsements

The Oakes Campaign today announced that three new organizations will be supporting Natalia Oakes in the race for judge in 313th Juvenile Court. MABAH (the Mexican American Bar Association of Houston), AFL-CIO, and LGBT Caucus have all formally endorsed Natalia in the General Election race.
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