Meet Natalia

Natalia Cokinos was born in Beaumont, Texas and has lived in Houston since 1980. She was surrounded by lots of siblings, cousins and uncles and aunts growing up. Her family was very civic minded and her family participated in the community as Mayor, City Councilman, City Manager, County Commissioner and civic leadership. Natalia is of Greek heritage. She comes from a family mosaic of talented and interesting people. Her father worked hard and her parents stressed education. She is thankful for the honesty and integrity which they taught her by their example.

When Natalia’s son entered kindergarten, she entered law school at Thurgood Marshall School of Law. She became a role model for her child on how to be flexible, focused, disciplined and studious; tools that he is now using in college. She balanced a family life and professional life while attending law school, receiving ┬áher J.D. in May 1999.

Natalia is widowed after 27 years of marriage to her husband, Herbie. Natalia, a very involved mother, participated fully in Boy Scout campouts, activities and encouraged her son to achieve his goal of becoming an Eagle Scout.

Natalia lives near Woodway and attends the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral. Natalia is fortunate to have lots of family in Houston, Beaumont and New Orleans.