“I have known Natalia Cokinos Oakes for over 20 years. She impresses me has having the ideal temperament and personality for a judge. She has excellent interpersonal skills, is a very good listener, and is compassionate and insightful. At the same time, she is thoughtful, observant, intelligent, articulate and above all, objective. Natalia would be an outstanding asset to the court system, and it is my privilege to support her.”

Lisa Jones, Devices for the Future, Partner

“I met Natalia Oakes at a function where judicial candidates were seeking signatures to qualify for the 2010 Primary.  I found her to be a great listener and believe she will be a fair and discerning Judge.”

Dan Feldmann, Precinct 125

“Having known Natalia Oakes for over forty years, I have learned to respect her intelligence, character and compassion. These traits make her uniquely qualified for the position of Judge.” 

—Tom Combs

” Natalia Oakes will make an outstanding judge. Her character, work ethic and understanding of families and children are exemplary. I urge you to support Natalia’s campaign and vote for her in November.”

Townes Pressler

“I’ve known Natalia for over 20 years, she would be an ideal judge. I’ve admired her as a terrific mother, wife, and family lawyer. She truly cares about people, fairness, and human potential. I know Houston would be well served by this kind of judge.

Randall Morton, President and Founder of Progressive Forum*

“Attorney Natalia Cokinos Oakes has been committed to the complex issue of juvenile justice since we graduated from Law School together in 1999. I am confident that she will serve the community with integrity and sound judgment as Appeals Court Judge.”

Dawn Lin, Fee Attorney, Fidelity National Title Insurance – Chinatown

Past Supporting Organizations

Pasadena Bar Association
Association of Women Attorneys
Mexican American Bar Association of Houston
Houston Bar Association (Preference Poll Winner)
Katy Area Bar Association (Preference Poll Winner)

Past Supporters

James F. Andrews, James Andrews Law Firm
Ross Baker, Future Devices
Bob Bibb
Louise Birnberg
Cora Ann Blytas
Bobby H. Caldwell
Zeph Capo
James Cargas
Gregory Cokinos, Cokinos, Bosien and Young, PC
Stacie Cokinos , Director, San Jose Clinic*
Stephen Davis
Louise Fischman
Marc & Jeffrey Hill
Daniel Impastato
David Johnson
Anthony Kouzounis
Dawn Lin, Fee Attorney, Fidelity National Title
Suzanne Longley, Suzanne Longley Farms
Marian Luntz
Sophia Maratos
Poppi Massey
Bonnie Milne, Geologist
Susan Muncey
Charles and Rita Nunu
Poppy Cobanoglu Padley
Chris Pappas, CEO Pappas Restaurants
Georgia Pelias
David Pendleton
Townes Pressler
Arthur Pronin
Kathleen Robbins, Attorney
Pam Rodriguez Ryan
Joelle Rogers
Z. Shaath, Icon Outfit
Joseph Stephens
Cathy Tarte
Amanda Tucker, Attorney
Soledad Vaquerano, Vaquerano Law Firm, PC
Mrs. Jerry Wall
Mary Clare Ward
Gregory and Adrienne Wilson

*Titles for reference only.